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M-Files Document Management System

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M-Files DMS

M-Files Document Management System

Simplify Finding, Sharing and Using Your Organisational Documents

Document Management Beyond M365 and SharePoint

M-Files DMS is the document management solution your organisation needs – whether you knew that or not! With M-Files you can give your documents more, with the only metadata-driven document management system out there. Find, organise, and share documents effortlessly and make your information start working for you with the intuitive, productivity boosting DMS. Whether you need simple document management or intense, in-depth workflow automation, give your documents more value than they currently have with M-Files.

Document Management Beyond M365 and SharePoint

M-Files is the step up from OneDrive and SharePoint that enterprises and organisations can all benefit from. Thanks to the innovative and intuitive metadata implementation of M-Files and its ability to make documents easier to find, share and use, you and your team will never want to go back!

What else can you do with M-Files?

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Secure Your Documents – M-Files access delegation is dynamic, so the right people always get to the right place, without needing to worry about complex or over the top identity access management in Active Directory or Entra ID like with some DMS solutions. M-Files is your IT administrator’s new best friend, with dynamic user permission allocation working alongside your organisations existing workgroups. Save valuable time with your document privacy.

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Find Documents with Ease – With M-Files documents, your files are labelled with what they should be, and they just make sense! Want to find a specific project? A specific users work? Or maybe you’re looking for that individual customer? Thanks to M-Files and its metadata-based document management, you can find the relevant content right when you need it. All of this means you can save time, frustration, and work on projects with more efficiency than ever before!

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Connect Multiple Data Sources – Stop worrying about keeping everything on OneDrive, Teams, Google Drive, and keep it all in one handy, easy to navigate location. Instead of having to go searching and moving everything into a new document management system, M-Files puts you in the position to “silo” all your data, without the need for a lengthy migration and regardless of your data repository currently! Let M-Files DMS combine your SharePoint, Salesforce, Teams and more into one single, easy to understand view.

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Workflow Automation – Keep track of the tasks in your workflow that matter, and don’t waste it on processes that can be avoided. M-Files can help you keep track of these, letting you comply with all your company

Move Beyond Traditional Document Management

Without M-Files, organisations can find themselves struggling with finding and sharing documents – whether it’s for acase, an audit or anything else, as staff have to possibly scramble through an old shared drive that’s outlived its usefulness. And if you’re worried about that migration, don’t be! Save yourself from the strain of an expensive, long-term migration thanks to M-Files ability to connect siloed data all together.

M-Files and the metadata-based organisation of your files helps you find things easier than ever before, whilst keeping everything in a neat and tidy package for your team. Give your team an improved user experience when it comes to file management that they never knew they needed!

How M-Files Document Management System Benefits You

Thanks to the M-Files DMS – managing your files and documents really can be efficient, secure and all around easier!

But how does it benefit you exactly?

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Collaborate on all types of documents, wherever you are – Working together on files is easy, letting you
simultaneously work on anything you need, wherever you are. You can edit and manage all types of documents or data with M-Files, even including email content in the same place as your documents. The best bit is, M-Files gives you all these benefits whilst simultaneously allowing you to access it offline when you’ve got no internet access. Alongside those benefits and being accessible with any device, it’s a win-win.

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Version Controls – M-Files makes sure to cover your back. Whatever the reason may be, sometimes it’s important to pull up that old version of the file you’ve been working on. And thanks to M-Files and its version control implementation, your documents are automatically saved every time you make an update. Even better – you can easily go back and switch to any of the backed up earlier versions.

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Safe AND Secure – M-Files lets you safely and easily share your documents with business partners, customers, or anyone else you may need to. Securely send public links instead of attachments leaving you feeling lost, or accidentally leaking access to a mission critical secret document! Access rights are also all managed automatically with M-Files, making everything easy for everyone. With ease of use that doesn’t limit its extensive functionality, the virtual folders of M-Files bring familiarity that your team are certainly looking for.

Find yourself needing to keep an eye on your access management for an important case? Or maybe you’re trying to make sure that internal sales document doesn’t leave your office network – M-Files gives you the solution you need with all these incredible features alongside its already expansive list of features.

Benefit your organisation further by bringing increased visibility for everyone, M-Files provides a central repository for all your documents making it incredibly easy to find or track information. Thanks to the metadata-driven search too, you’ll never lose a file again, no matter the repository it’s originally stored in.

Loved by IT Administrators

M-Files is great at making your staff increase their efficiency around document management, but it also provides that efficiency to your IT staff too. You’re going to find that your IT administrators love M-Files for more than just storing their future documentation!

Thanks to regular, automatic updates keeping everything always up to date, your IT staff can focus on more important things and supporting your business, rather than having dedicated time to update delicate systems! Preventing any possible downtime from your users and for your IT staff means everyone wins.

You’ll also find M-Files as a solution for an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid hosting setup. Make the most of whatever system you utilise and optimise cloud levels of collaboration with your already existing on-premises architecture. Thanks to M-Files being able to access a multitude of data / storage locations, cloud or local, it’s easy to use and easy to implement.

Save your administrators from having to delve deep into complex hierarchical active directory structures regularly just to give people access to the right documents. M-Files brings your organisation metadata-driven user access rights meaning the nightmare of managing users manually is no more, let M-Files automatic role-based access management come to your aid!

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