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M-Files & Microsoft 365

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M-Files & M365

M-Files and Microsoft 365

Modern intelligent information management platform M-Files was created to redefine how you manage, communicate, and organise your mission-critical files.  By utilising metadata to organise files according to what they are rather than where they're housed, it goes beyond conventional document mamagement systems.  Without the inconvenience of complicated folder systems, M-Files guarantees that you will always find the appropriate information, exactly when you need it.


MFiles and Azure provided by Random Software Solutions

M-Files and Azure Integrations

Via the integration of Azure Active Directory (Now known as Entra ID), M-Files takes advantage of the
capabilities of Microsoft Azure to expedite user administration and make user authentication a breeze.
This enables your business to set up M-Files logins through Azure AD, giving your users secure access to
M-Files using their current Azure AD login information. Let your staff members enjoy a seamless
single sign-on experience and bid farewell to password turmoil.

M-Files and Microsoft Teams: Enhancing Information Governance

Increase the effectiveness of your information governance procedures by integrating M-Files with  Microsoft Teams. The intelligent metadata-driven approach of M-Files can be extended into Teams with this connection, making it simple to organise, secure, and access documents in real-time. Users within
Microsoft Teams can quickly connect and work together on crucial content, ensuring that everyone has access to the most recent and correct information.

MFiles and Teams provided by Random Software Solutions
MFiles and Outlook provided by Random Software Solutions

M-Files and Outlook – Email Communication Efficiency

Your business email communications will be more effective thanks to the integration of Microsoft
Outlook and M-Files! Save and organise emails and their attachments directly into M-Files with direct
integration, linking them to pertinent projects, clients, or cases. Even from within Outlook, you can
search for documents stored in M-Files, removing the need to switch between programs and cutting down on your overall workload.

M-Files and Outlook – Email Communication Efficiency

Experience a significant surge in productivity with M-Files' intelligent search capabilities, allowing your team to invest more time in crucial tasks and less time hunting for information. The integration with Microsoft 365 offers unparalleled security features, always safeguarding your data, whether in transit or at rest.

By integrating M-Files with Teams and Outlook, you can eliminate geographical obstacles and embrace streamlined collaboration. This enables your staff to collaborate efficiently, regardless of where they are located, improving overall efficiency and production.

With M-Files' connectivity with Azure, managing user access and authentication becomes a breeze. Simplify user management and access control, allowing IT administrators to concentrate on higher-level activities without having to worry about fiddly user authentication processes.

By combining M-Files' powerful capabilities with Microsoft 365, you can protect your company from the ever-changing difficulties of document management. Have a forward-thinking mindset to keep your organisation ahead of the constantly evolving digital landscape. When M-Files and Microsoft 365 work together, you'll get a smooth, intelligent, and secure document management solution that will enable your team to attain new levels of productivity and cooperation.

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