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IT Project Management

IT Project Management
Services in St Helens

Innovative project management is made possible by Random Software Solutions. Superior IT project management services in St Helens for the private and public sectors is our area of expertise. Our expert project managers use tried-and-true project management strategies to produce remarkable results. They are the driving force behind organisational transformation and change.

IT Project Management Services in St Helens –
How Random Software Solutions Helps You

Our IT project management services in St Helens bring a plethora of experience to the table. Our project management history means we bring you a proven track record of successfully managing a wide range of IT project implementations, and we possess the knowledge and skills necessary to solve even the most complex issues you might run into.

What’s Random Software Solutions bringing to the table for you?

  • PRINCE2 Practitioner Certified Project Managers
  • Utilising the whole Software Delivery Life Cycle to complete the project
  • Waterfall and Agile project approaches from our fully trained project team
  • Pre-Project Business Analysis
  • Disaster Recovery and Problem-Solving for Failing Existing IT Projects Mid-way through
  • Establish the project governance needs and processes.
  • Development and administration of all project documents; Project Plans, Statement of Work, Business Requirements,
    Project Initiation Document, RISK Management Log, Project Kick Off Presentation, IT Roadmap, RACI, Resource
    Allocation, Budget Tracking etc.
  • Management across multiple IT projects with various scopes.


Effective IT Project Management with Random Software Solutions

We thoroughly examine everything your IT Project will need to be successful during the discovery phase. A project's success depends on the accuracy and effective resource planning along the route, including, if desired, the establishment of resource planning techniques!

You're in luck if you're looking for IT project management services in St Helens since there is software that can make managing both big and small projects easier than before.


The Agile Umbrella - DevOps & Jira

Project Tracking, Task Assignment and more…

To get the right people going in the right direction and achieve project deadlines, use a simple Kanban board where ticket
distribution works wonders! Without saying a word, guarantee that your staff are on the right track for your project.

Project Roadmaps & Timelines

Having a clear understanding of how your project is developing is important and gratifying. Another amazing function is
the ability to see the estimated delivery dates for your team. The completely configurable project plan and schedule
included in most project management software can help you realise how far away crucial milestones are.

Document Collaboration & Sharing with Zero Fuss

It's essential that everyone's on the same page. One or two of the project's records are easy to misplace or forget,
and before you know it, deliveries are off schedule. Along with the previously mentioned capacity to visualise your
project schedule graphically and interactively, provide your team with the opportunity to interact and debate more
readily than ever before using freshly developed project management software.

Available IT Project Management Software Solutions

Azure logo

Azure DevOps

With options for Scrum & Kanban boards that you may be acquainted with, Azure DevOps is the right cloud solution for your software development projects that employ the more recently popular Agile Methodology. You can easily assign and keep track of tickets and tasks for all of your project's deliverables with the help of this cloud solution.

However, when it comes to IT Project Management Services in St Helens, Azure DevOps can offer so much
more. Built-in testing and QA management provides you with a thorough overview of your testing operations while assisting with test planning and monitoring!

Jira logo

Atlassian Jira & Confluence

Jira is a robust project management application that provides customised processes for each project and
supports agile approaches like Scrum and Kanban. Jira provides substantial agile assistance, enabling
continuous delivery and progress monitoring.

Microsoft Teams logo

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers a collaborative hub for sharing documents, managing tasks, and communicating. The Teams channels aids in facilitating structured talks, and its integration with other Microsoft 365
applications provides internal and external project teams with a seamless environment, enhancing
productivity, collaboration, and communications.

Smartsheet logo


Smartsheet provides a platform for cooperation that encompasses task management, automated processes, and data visualisation. It stands out when it comes to comprehensive IT project management. With the aid of this innovative approach, teams may streamline operations while improving project outcomes.

Slack logo


Slack stands out as an excellent tool for cooperation and communication that is perfect for improving IT
project management. By providing teams with a logical platform for discussion, seamless app integration,
and rapid file sharing, Slack enables more efficient project operations.

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Management Services in St Helens

If you're looking for IT project management services in St Helens but don't know where to begin, we can
direct you and your project in the right direction. With our limitless software solutions, extensive
project portfolio, and documentation at every level, Random Software Solutions can help you from beginning to end.

We can assist you if you're ready to begin that large project you've been planning to do or if you need to
recover from one that has gone a little more astray than you had anticipated. Please leave us a message,
and get back to you as soon as we can!

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