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IT Project Management

What is IT Project Management?

IT Project Management in a nutshell, is there to help a team achieve a goal or solve a problem within a set deadline! Luckily, our Project Managers are fully trained to handle all eventualities. Whether your organisation is thinking about purchasing a new IT system or has already, an IT project manager will own the responsibility of leading your team to great success in the implementation of your IT solution.


What value does an IT Project Manager bring?


We’ve found that many organisations may not have a fully trained IT Project Manager onsite, some may not have any IT Project Management experience in their organisation at all. Which, believe us, is a scary thing, especially when you’ve forked out thousands on a super spectacular IT system that has the power to streamline your resources and maximise your ways of working.


Think about it


One of the biggest things to consider for your organisation is system engagement, as you'll want your staff to actually use the bloody thing!

You’ll need to decide on your approach too, will it be a phased rollout or a big bang type implementation? Don’t forget that this change may blow minds. Which will lead to a whole lot of panic. Believe us, we have seen it happen! The wrong approach can cause mayhem and this is usually when our project managers are drafted in.

As well as initiating, planning, tracking, delivering and closing your IT projects, our project managers can help with managing change within your organisation. Damage limitations, remember the amount you’ve spent already... Don’t f*ck it up now!


Ask yourself


Who will be impacted by this change? Which department will need more hand holding than most? Who will be a part of the project team? How will communication and actions between departments be tracked and completed? What methodology will be used to suit the project and our organisation?

How will RISK be managed? What about project governance? How do we manage changes to processes and policies?

If you can answer all of the above with true knowledge then you’re good to go! Good Luck! Best keep our number to hand though, just in case +44151 7050508




A true IT Project Manager brings an instant return on investment and limitless value to your IT Projects. We can guarantee your whole organisation will benefit from a properly managed IT Project.. Through us of course!

How can RSS help you? Pick a Project Package

Pick an IT Project Package


Hire a fully trained PRINCE2 practitioner qualified IT Project Manager.

This package will suit all types of IT projects or indeed multiple projects, big or small, for any organisation.

Your project(s) may need troubleshooting or to be started from scratch, to deliver in either Agile or Waterfall project methodologies (and even sometimes a bit of both) Whichever and whatever your organisation needs we can take on the challenge.


Daily Rates start from £500+VAT


FYI - We are much cheaper than a recruitment agency and we offer even more affordable rates to Non-Profit organisations.


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Hire an M-Files Certified Project Manager.

This is a great package for organisations that have just purchased M-Files Document Management System from an M-Files Partner (Or even M-Files themselves)

You need help at your end to internally coordinate the project and manage the third-party supplier.


Daily Rates start from £700+VAT


FYI - By hiring a specially certified M-Files IT Project Manager they come with a wealth of knowledge about the M-Files document management system and will know the best way to implement M-Files within your organisation.


Mfiles logo

Add an M-Files Certified Project Manager to help deliver your M-Files solution.

You’ve already purchased your M-Files Document Management Solution directly from us.

Choosing this option to run alongside your solution will ensure a robust implementation as we will be able to manage your side and our side seamlessly.


Daily Rates start from POA


FYI - The daily rates will be discounted as you’ve purchased the M-Files Document Management Solution from us.

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Our ways of working

We are a proud, female led, non-corporate IT company!

We won’t rip you off with services you don’t need. We only replace systems that harm your business. You don’t have to commit to a contract. You only get solutions that’ll improve your business.

Our IT services and solutions are available to both sectors and all industries. We find that our approach aligns with a company culture that's based on being able to connect with real people in a real way.

Corporate or non-corporate, we do not discriminate. As long as you like our personality and can align with our core values then we would be honoured to work with you.

Our IT project management skill are sh*t hot, starting with Discovery all the way through to Monitor & Close. We create detailed project documentation & breakdown the project phases to ensure a simple, smooth & successful project delivery.

Our IT Project Managers can work remotely, hybrid or onsite wherever you’re based in the UK and Ireland.

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