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Add an M-Files Project Manager

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Add an M-Files Project Manager alongside your M-Files document management solution

Why Add a Certified M-Files Project Manager?


Now, you've purchased your M-Files Document Management Solution directly from RSS and you want to upgrade the professional services and have your very own M-Files certified PM focusing soley on your organisational project activities.


Isn't this included in the professional services quotation?


Yes, we do offer a standard professional service that includes project management when we sell M-Files DMS to your organisation, however upgrading to this option alongside your solution will ensure a robust implementation as we will be able to manage your side and our side seamlessly.

We provide you with a Statement of Work including deliverables, a detailed implementation plan and documentation for the M-Files DMS and any extras support with M-Files integration & E-signatures add ons, such as technical specifications but we will not be managing the project from your end.

You will need a project manager or at the very least a direct contact at your organisation who will be responsible for planning, managing, communicating and delivering information to us and within your project team.

This is why we stress the importance of hiring a fully certified M-Files Project Manager from us to ensure all of your business requirements are met!

What benefits will this bring to our M-Files Project?


Well, that’s easy! Your organisation gets an M-Files certified project manager who will be there from start to finish ensuring that your M-Files project gets delivered to scope, within budget and exactly to agreed timescales.

Our M-Files Project Manager and your M-Files Project Manager will work together to ensure that both sides will have the correct deliverables within the SOW, project governance & documentation, change management to ensure system engagement, communication plans for stakeholder management, full user training workshops and much much more!

Daily Rates are POA

The daily rates will be heavily discounted as you’ve purchased the M-Files Document Management Solution from RSS - You’re very welcome 🙂

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To discuss your M-Files Project in more detail

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See we do know our stuff.

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